Your Home Sold Guaranteed is the McLain Realty Team’s 1st Advantage

  Your Home Sold Guaranteed is the McLain Raelty Team's 1st Advantage
The McLain Realty Team of RE/MAX 365 has several Systems, Programs, and Guarantees. Firstly, these guarantees help us attract potential homeowners that are looking to buy or sell real estate. The ability to market with these programs help us attract higher offers and more buyers.  In the end this ultimately allows the team to sell real estate for the most amount of money, in the least amount of time.
Your Home Sold Guaranteed is the McLain Realty Team's 1st Advantage in Marketing
Secondly, we have changed our marketing programs for the Guaranteed Sale Program. Now, your home sold in 47 Days Guaranteed, or we will Sell It for Free!* (Guidelines Still Exist)

There are several Agents that attempt to do the similar systems we used to do offer. After speaking with several clients that changed.  Quickly it was realized that they felt as though it is just a gimmick or scam.  A scam just to get the listing appointment.  While we will still offer an Immediate Buyout Program, we will begin ceasing the advertisement of buying the property ourselves.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed is the McLain Realty Team’s 1st Advantage

Watch the video below to understand why. Finally, we just don’t feel it is right for someone to go into a listing meeting with expectations not spoken of and offer to buy their home for 70% of the market value.  Meanwhile, we offer several other unique programs.  These programs are specific to the McLain Realty Team.

In Other Words, we want to be completely transparent.

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