Getting the value of your home is an important factor to how your home will be marketed and sold.  It is extremely important to get your value from a professional and not just a website.  Even the most popular “Valuation” websites can be extremely deceiving and lead to pricing strategies that do not make sense, or even you feeling like your home is worth more or less.

First and foremost we offer FREE Broker Price Opinions (BPO) to anyone who has a primary residence to sell!  Our home value estimator system will get you the market value of your home instantly.  Actually they are very similar to Comparative Market Analysis that a typical Agent would normally do, but are far more extensive in the research and information that is gathered.  Only Brokers can give you a BPO that you will understand and why your home could potentially sell for a certain price in the current market.

In conclusion we normally charge $179.00 to commercial banks, investors and lenders who need a BPO completed for foreclosures, short-sales, etc.  Take advantage of this FREE BPO Today!  Call, Text or E-mail us 24/7! 908-878-9356



John McLain

John McLain

Owner / Team Leader