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Guaranteed Home Sale and 2 Year Love It or Leave it Program

2 Year

Love It or Leave It



In summary our 2 Year Love It or Leave It program will put your mind at ease and stress free!

We understand how daunting the home buying process can be. It is very common to feel extremely nervous about making one of the largest purchases of one’s lifetime, buying a home. For that reason, we made our exclusive 2 Year Love It or Leave It Program.  What is there not to be nervous about? In fact investing in real estate is one of the most sound and significant investments a person will ever make towards wealth building and an early retirement. Spending months or years saving up for a down-payment, viewing many homes and finding your perfect dream home only to realize you have made a honest mistake. What happens when you realize that the new home does not meet you and your family’s needs? with this in mind this realization can ultimately be devastating to a new home owner. That is why The McLain Realty Team engineered our very own 2-Year Love It or Leave It Guarantee! Ultimately we give our buyers complete peace of mind and reassure that our clients made the correct decision.

Our 2 Year Love It or Leave It guarantee states

If you buy a home with The McLain Realty Team and for any reason are not 100% satisfied, and love the home in the first 24 months after closing, we will buy it back from you or list it for free!  In addition to the 2 Year Love It or Leave It Program, John McLain and The McLain Realty Team offers numerous other Innovative Consumer Programs to assist Buyers in their search for a new home.  Our 2 Year Love It or Leave It program will guarantee a stress free transaction.

** Please contact me for additional details for this AMAZING program!! ** 908-878-9356 John T. McLain McLainHomeSellingTeam@gmail.com

2 year love it or leave it


Home Sale


Our Guaranteed Home Sale Program is Simple.

If we do not sell your home in 66 days to a price we agree on, John McLain of the McLain Realty Team will personally buy it!

Your Home Sold at a Price Acceptable to You, or I Will Buy It Myself! Risk Free and in Writing.

All in all the McLain Realty Team’s Innovative Guaranteed Home Sale Program, Sells Homes Faster!

Altogether the McLain Realty Team’s exclusive Guaranteed Sale Program is put into place to avoid the largest catch-22 in Real Estate!  Do you sell first?  Do you Buy First?  Conversely risk is involved either way. Ultimately you could end up owning multiple homes or no home at all.  Our Guaranteed Home Sale Programs let you eliminate these problems.

In fact before you even list your property with The McLain Realty Team, a comprehensive market analysis of your property is prepared and we agree on the fair market value.  Additionally, this value will determine the list price as-well-as the guaranteed sale price.  In conclusion you will receive this price up-font and in writing before the property or home is extensively marketed. 

Guaranteed Home Sale Program

As a matter of fact once you receive our written guarantee, you will have the insurance and security of knowing that your home is guaranteed to sell!  In fact, In the highly unlikely event that your home does not sell within the 66 day period, we will buy your home ourselves for the up-front guaranteed agreed upon price between yourself and The McLain Realty Team.

** Please contact me for additional details for this AMAZING program!! ** 908-878-9356 John T. McLain McLainHomeSellingTeam@gmail.com

Guaranteed Home Sale Program

Guaranteed Home Sale Program

Firstly, you will feel at ease throughout the entire process and we will leverage our skills, technology, and aggressive marketing plan to ensure the service you receive is nothing but the best! Secondly, we already have dozens, if not hundreds, of buyers looking for their next home in your city right now!

In conclusion enter your information in the form to the right and we will get back to you as quickly as possible with a FREE comprehensive market analysis. There is absolutely NO risk and NO obligation. Get started now!

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